When you register your subscription, we will continuously send you your monthly consumption of diapers once a month (or less often, you decide). No strings attached - just quit when you want. If you are not satisfied after your first week, you will receive a full refund in exchange for the products being returned (of course with easy return, we offer it). The diapers are soft against the baby's skin, but tough against leaks. Well-fitting design, with zero tolerance for toxic ingredients.

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Our diapers are always

  • Free from poisons
  • Free from chemicals
  • Kind to irritated skin/red rashes
  • Antibacterial
  • Biodegradable*
  • 100% bamboo fiber against skin
  • Plant-based
  • Sustainably produced
  • No plastic packaging
  • Compostable paper packaging
  • Environmentally friendly transport according to ISO

Produced with bamboo viscose that is soft, odorless and breathable against the skin. Our diapers are tested and certified by OEKO TEX.

*Certified as 60.5% biodegradable after just 75 days

* The sizes themselves are a little larger, so if your child is between two sizes, go for the smaller one.

  • Best for your baby

  • Best for nature

  • Best for you

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1. Best for your baby.

Our biodegradable bamboo diapers have a comfortable fit for your child throughout the diapering period. The stretchy waistband ensures easy body movement so it will be comfortable to wear without leaks.

Our eco-friendly disposable diapers are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. They contain no dyes, bleaches, fluorides or alcohol. They are also free of preservatives, latex, perfume and 82% plastic free.

Our bamboo disposable diapers are naturally antibacterial and moisture wicking, which means that each diaper has small fibers that draw moisture away from the skin towards the outside of the fabric. This ensures that your child remains dry and rash-free.

HumbleBummies is a kind and hypoallergenic diaper.

2. Best for nature

Buying our disposable bamboo diapers from nature is an environmentally friendly option that leaves a smaller carbon footprint than plastic diapers. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows quickly, up to 1.2 meters a day. It is one of our most renewable resources and can replace plastic in many products.

Bamboo also has a lower climate impact compared to plastic as it absorbs more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its growth than the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during its production. This contributes to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and reducing climate change.

Our diapers are also manufactured completely without the use of chemicals and synthetic materials that are usually found in plastic diapers.

By choosing bamboo diapers instead of plastic diapers, you can help reduce plastic waste, preserve natural resources and minimize environmental impact.

3. Best for you

Avoid rushing to the store and never be without diapers. Your night wakings are gone thanks to the super absorbent diaper that keeps your baby dry all night. Our economical subscription option ensures you have diapers for the entire month while saving you 20% each month. And don't worry, you can cancel at any time - but we doubt you'll want to. Our eco disposable bamboo nappy is our answer to a challenging environmental problem we are facing and we want to make a change and want to take you on the journey.