HumbleBummies was started in 2023 by the parents of young children Filippa and Filip. We started HumbleBummies to solve three problems in the Swedish diaper market:

1. Treat our children's little bottoms with soft materials without any plastics and harmful chemicals

2. To never run out of diapers at home and avoid unnecessary trips to the store

3. Contribute to a better planet for our children

We are new parents, and like you, we are increasingly concerned about the impact we are having on our planet and the future we are creating for our children. Disposable diapers have a huge environmental impact, it takes over 500 years for a plastic diaper to biodegrade, so yes - that means the first disposable diaper made would still be around today if it ended up in landfill. Many diapers are burned today and release fossil CO2 into the air. Sweden currently uses over 1.2 million diapers per day, which is almost half a billion diapers per year.

That's how HumbleBummies was born. Our goal is to use renewable and compostable materials that are good for the environment and our children's little bodies without using toxic chemicals.

Our diapers are ultra-absorbent, made from bamboo, mostly biodegradable, hypoallergenic, reduce red rashes, infections and most importantly, the diaper contains almost no plastic at all.

We have done everything to minimize the amount of plastic in both diapers and packaging. Our nappy packaging (100% compostable), our packages (100% paper), our boxes (100% cardboard).

We deliver your entire monthly consumption of diapers directly to your door so you avoid unnecessary visits to the store and in this way we also save on the environment.

What we want to do is to develop the diaper market in order to have a more environmentally friendly society and make it easier for all families with young children.

We dare say we've created the best organic diaper on the market, and we hope you and your baby will love them as much as we do.

// HumbleBummies

Our bamboo nappies

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